Foreclosure Defense

Being in foreclosure is a serious burden, both mentally and financially. Here at Atencio Law Office PC, we take fighting foreclosures extremely seriously. We have saved clients’ homes from foreclosure and in the process brought them peace and stability. We understand that making your mortgage payments on time is your number one priority. However, when family emergencies, reduced income or health issues arise, it can make honoring your monthly mortgage payments extremely difficult. That's why Atencio Law Office PC has mastered foreclosure defense strategies that work!

Loss mitigation is a term used by banks that reference "hardship" programs. We know of every hardship program that the banks offer and how to obtain the best results for our clients. If you are in an active foreclosure or about to be, its crucial you don't delay. Without legal representation, banks will not hesitate accelerating proceedings and auctioning off your home.

We have a proven track record in saving our client’s homes or in negotiating the best outcome for our clients who wish to make a graceful exit from an extremely stressful foreclosure action. We consider ourselves the best at what we do. Whether you would like to keep your home or negotiate the best plan for you to relinquish the property, call us today!