One of the primary practice areas of Peak Legal Group LLC, is the area of Adoption: Adoption law, Children's law, Foster Parents Law, Step-parent adoption, Grandparent adoption, Co-parent adoption, Second parent adoption, Lesbian adoption, Gay adoption, Interstate adoption, International adoption, Domestic adoption, Relative adoption and Indian Child Welfare Act adoption. We represent birth parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and adoptees. As the premier Adoption Attorneys in Albuquerque, Peak Legal Group LLC has extensive experience with:

  • Private adoptions (independent and agency)
  • CYFD (state) adoptions
  • ICPC (interstate) adoptions
  • Open adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Family adoptions
  • Contested adoptions
  • LGBT adoptions
  • Indian Child Welfare Act adoptions

This list also includes ICPC and ICWA (Indian Child) adoptions.

Adoption law requires sensitivity to the emotions, people and relationships involved in the adoption process. Our office always treats the people involved with great respect and dignity keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to provide for the best interests of the child.

Hal is the most experienced Adoption Attorney in the State of New Mexico and has been practicing adoption law since 1993. He is a past President of the Adoption and Foster Care Alliance of New Mexico and has Chaired the New Mexico Legislative Committee. Hal is also a fellow of The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. He has participated in drafting Adoption Legislation with the Alliance, drafting Regulations for the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department and has represented clients in contested adoption proceedings in the Trial Court, Court of Appeals and New Mexico Supreme Court. Hal has extensive experience helping families obtain the financial assistance they are entitled to as part of the adoption process. Whether a State or Title IV subsidy or an adoption tax credit, Hal will do all that is possible to ease the financial responsibility of adoption and allow families to focus on their newest member. Hal, and Peak Legal Group LLC, represented the successful Adoptive Parents in the landmark case of Helen G. v. Mark J.H. decided by the New Mexico Supreme Court which interpreted the New Mexico Adoption Act provisions regarding the rights of an alleged biological father. Hal successfully completed the first three-parent adoption in New Mexico. Hal successfully argued against the Navajo Nation to promote the best interests of the child over the Indian Child Welfare Act. We would be honored to represent you as you move forward in expanding your family and bringing love and security to a deserving child.

During mid November 2011, My wife, Leslie and I received news that we could possibly be the new parents of a gestational 7 month old Diva. We needed advice and help on how to complete the adoption process in 2 months given that our diva's birthdate was in early January 2012. We were extremely blessed to have met the [Peak Legal Group] Team of Harold "Hal", Judi, Amanda and Linda........An All-Star-Team!

Not only did they deliver on their promise to work as hard as they could for us; Our baby girl, Faith Ann Ndidi A. was born and returned home with us from Los Angeles to New Mexico 48 hours after birth without incident. These folks are miracle makers! We trusted them and they never let us down.

We now have a healthy and wall-scribbling diva ruling our home and we wouldn't have had it any other way after 16 years of awaiting a child of our own. If any potential parents are in search for folks that love children and the proper upbringing of them as much as you do, get in contact with the miracle makers right away!

We love you all at [Peal Legal Group LLC]. Continue to do for others as you have done for us. Best of wishes in the future...........

Ike, Leslie & Faith A.


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