Personal Injury Law

Peak Legal Group LLC also practices in the area of Personal Injury Law. Harold O. Atencio is a former Insurance Defense Attorney who understands the Insurance Industry from the inside and knows how to deal with their legal tactics designed to increase profits and reduce payments to injured individuals. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or been injured in a workplace or some other type of accident for which you were not at fault, our many years of experience as Personal Injury Attorneys in Albuquerque can assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and property damage as well as compensation for the pain and suffering the injury may have caused you. We will also strongly pursue punitive damages in appropriate cases. Peak Legal Group will take care of all the legal issues so that you can concentrate on your recovery and getting back to living your life.

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Hal Atencio and the [Peak Legal Group LLC]. They are an extremely competent and experienced group and in my mind established a reputation for honesty, diligence and care for the client. Hal brings to work a wealth of battle-tested experience in the insurance industry proven by the success we enjoyed in my case. I particularly enjoyed working with Hal Atencio himself and as far as I am concerned, his competence, integrity, and decency are unquestioned.

Manny M.


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